Cashels Ducks Foot Double Bale Handler

Cashels Bale Cutter & Film Catcher

The Cashels Vari-Width Bale Handler has been designed to handle, transport and stack both 4’ (1220mm) and 5’ (1525mm) wrapped round bales. The heavy-duty, robust construction is designed with the contractor and users of farm/industrial loaders in mind. Desinged to be used on either the front or rear 3-Point Linkage of tractors as well as on front loaders – from skid steer to tractor to telehandlers.

Cashels Bale Cutter & Film Catcher

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  • Heavy-duty hydraulic ram with check valve.
  • ​Slimline, robust paddles manufactured from square tube.
  • ​Locking paddles for precise handling in confined spaces.
  • Unique curved design to maintain bale integrity while also providing maximum strength and durability to the unit

Cashels Hydraulic Vari-Width Double Bale Handler

 Developed to cater for the transport of two 4 foot wrapped bales without damage to film.

The Ducks Foot paddles which rotate on stone fork tines can handle sagged/misshapen bales without causing damage to bale film. The Ducks Foot paddles can be removed, allowing the unit to be used as a double spike for handling straw, haylage, hay and mature silage bales.

Cashels Hydraulic Bale Handler

  • Unique, robustly constructed frame design with bolt-on clamping arms.
  • ​​Heavy-duty cylinders with built-in check valves .
  •  Maintenance free, self-lubricating wear pads.
  • Facilitates various bolt-on linkage options.
  • ​Bolt-on bale extension (optional).
  • Various linkage options available.

The Cashels Hydraulic Vari-Width Double Bale Handler has been developed to cater for the transport of two 4 foot wrapped bales without damage to film.  This new innovative design enables the farmer/contractor to minimise the time from field to storage, without compromise to bale integrity.

  • Designed to increase the productivity of handling and feeding round baled silage to livestock 
  • ​Cuts in half and catches the film and net every time, regardless of the bale shape or density thanks to its unique design.

Key Features include:

  • Robust construction throughout.
  • ​One double-acting hydraulic service controls both the Bale Cutter and Film Catcher
  • ​Comes standard with five CAT 2 stone fork tines with option to fit two additional tines
  • ​Uniquely shaped film catcher designed to penetrate even frozen bales.
  • ​​Heavy cylinders fitted to unit to produce ample force to cut through even frozen bales

Cashels Hydraulic Bale Grab