Rubin 9

Shallow, fast and intensive cultivation

The Rubin 9 compact disc harrow produces intensive, homogeneous mixing of organic matter and soil up to a working depth of about 12 cm even under difficult conditions to reduce evaporation losses substantially and reliably. The Rubin 9 is therefore ideally suited for shallow stubble cultivation across the full width at high working speeds.

  • Its open design with large clearances effectively prevents blockage even when working with high contents of organic matter.


  • The serrated concave discs (620 mm diameter, 6 mm thick), which are supported by maintenance-free angular ball bearings, form the basis for the outstanding quality of work produced by this highly durable implement.

  • The concave disc beams, which are located inside closed pockets and feature robust coil springs to protect them against overloads, ensure precise disc guidance even under difficult conditions.

  • An impact harrow, which can be individually and finely adjusted, is provided behind the two rows of discs for precise deposition of the flow of soil.  This improves the distribution of straw when driving at a diagonal angle to the direction of threshing.

  • The Rubin 9 is available with working widths of 4 to 6 metres with a light transport trailer, or alternatively with a combination trailer that allows it to be used together with the LEMKEN Solitair pneumatic seed drill.

Rubin 12

Compact disc harrow with deep impact

​With the Rubin 12, LEMKEN’s range of compact disc harrows includes an implement that can operate at the same 20 cm working depth as a cultivator. The Rubin 12 is therefore suitable both for stubble cultivation and for primary soil tillage, even in very heavy soil conditions.

  • Two rows of serrated concave discs with a diameter of 736 mm produce intensive mixing and crumbling.
    The symmetrical arrangement of the discs in each row enables working without lateral pull, even at high driving speeds.

  • The 20° angle of the discs to the soil and the 16° angle to the direction of travel ensure optimum penetration and enable cultivation across the full width from a working depth of 7 cm.

  • The legs are specially curved and coiled and thus provide maximum clearance between the discs. This prevents blockages, along with the slight offset of the middle discs.

  • High speeds of travel at reduced slip result in lower fuel consumption and a higher acreage performance.
    An impact harrow behind the first row of discs produces intensive mixing and crumbling, while a levelling harrow behind the second row distributes and levels the soil optimally.

  • In the mounted version, the Rubin 12 can be equipped with a Uni wheel, which transfers loads to the front axle when the implement is raised. This version includes a novel semi-mounting system that does not require an additional control unit.

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