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Krone Easy Cut 280 

These machines stand out for an extremely low power input, maximum stability as well as superior specification levels and superior operator comfort. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from the feeling of being properly geared for the job.Smooth crop flow: All KRONE disc mowers without conditioner feature a cantilevered guard frame that makes for an unobstructed crop flow and uniform windrow formation.Easy to maintain: The front section of the guard folds up for easy cleaning and blades replacement – a compact design that offers superb accessibility.Pivoting through a wide angle: Their Z-type arms give the mowers a large vertical travel (29° up, 20° down) – ideal for bank and verge mowing. 

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Ridgebrook Farms

 Krone Easy Cut 3201 CV 

The trailed and powerful EasyCut disc mowers with side-mounted drawbar have proven extraordinarily well all over the world. Compact by design, these machines feature a robust double frame and a side-mounted-drawbar for mowing round and round. The 3201 CV is a conditioner mower with a V tine formation for increased crop preparation. The 3201 and 2801 have seen over 40 changes to their predecessors meaning these mowers have been perfected.

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Krone Easy Cut 2801 CV Mower

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