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Krone Big Pack Square Baler

KRONE big balers are shining examples of exceptional baling density, output and convenience. With their different chamber dimensions and many unique features, the BiG Pack 890 (XC), 1270 (XC), 1290 (XC) and 4 x 4 (XC) deliver exceptional performance in straw, hay and other crops the world over. Every BiG Pack produces consistently stable bales – from small packs to the biggest bales on the market. BiG Pack 890 (XC): At 80 x 90 cm (2'7.5" x 2'11"), this machine has the smallest chamber of any of the standard range of KRONE big balers. The handy, lightweight bales it produces are perfect for smaller farms that harvest smaller quantities of straw and hay. This machine is available either with a single axle or a rigid, steered tandem axle. Also, choose between Medium and Comfort on-board electronic controls. An Active Pick-up with a 1.95 m (6'5") wide powered feed roller is standard spec, and a 2.35 m (7'8.5") wide pick-up is available as an option.