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Tanco Satelite Bale Wrapper Series

​The robust 1540 EH bale wrapper is the most versatile of its kind, capable of wrapping both square and round silage bales.  The machine has a unique roller system with two independently driven rollers that ensure a smooth and consistent bale rotation.  With two wrap arms, the 1540 EH is a very fast wrapper achieving double the speed of a one arm wrapper.

Twin bales also can be wrapped in a single pack.  A “rotate after wrap” feature allows multi-positioning of wrapped square bales between 0.47 meters to 1.4 meters in height to a maximum length of 1.5 meters.

Finally, this agricultural wrapping machine can be linkage mounted, thereby vastly reducing operator costs.

Conor 9700 Series Bale Wrapper

The Conor Range of Bale Wrappers are the result of an evolutionary process of constant refinement and upgrading. A balewrapper can expect a punishing and demanding life so strength and simplicity of engineering is an integral part of any Conor Bale Wrapper. Conor Engineering offer a range of Bale Wrappers.

Turntable Strength: The heart of the Conor Wrapper is the direct drive slewing ring on which the turntable rotates. Strong and reliable, it eliminates the use of chains and requires minimum maintenance. The slewing ring is completely enclosed which prevents film, twine etc from wrapping up in the drive, thus giving maximum life to the motor.

RDS Controller: The RDS Expert series controller comes with electronic models and it fully automates all the functions of the wrapper. It allows the operator to complete all the functions with the press of a button. Electronic models come with a film break sensor which stops the wrapping cycle if the film breaks.

Joystick Controller:The single lever servo joystick control which is semi-automatic allows the operator to complete the wrapping cycle with minimum of effort. It operates under low hydraulic pressure which allows smooth movement between functions and allows for faster completion of the wrapping cycle

Radio Remote Control Radio remote control is optional on electronic trailed wrappers and comes as standard on the 9720E, It has an operating range of 50m+ and is not affected by sunlight or tinted glass.

​​Balewrap Monitor: The bale counter counts the number of rotations of the turntable, the number of bales wrapped, how many bales per hour and stores all working information.